Michael Mabee – about the author

Who I Am

Command Sergeant Major Michael Mabee, Tikrit, Iraq 2004

Command Sergeant Major Michael Mabee, Tikrit, Iraq 2004

I’ve worked as an urban EMT and paramedic. I’ve worked as a suburban cop and for the federal government. I’ve had a good deal of military training, two wartime deployments to Iraq, and two humanitarian missions to Guatemala.

CSM Michael MabeeI was decorated by both the army and the federal government for my actions on 9/11 at the World Trade Center. But I have to say that my favorite “decoration” was having one of my troops in Iraq say to his first sergeant after a convoy: “that sergeant major is a hard ass!”

So, I have a great deal of experience – both overseas and in the U.S. – seeing what the world looks like when things go wrong.

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Why This Book

I wrote this book because I have spent my entire adult life in the service of this country and its people. I feel that protecting the country and our communities is still a worthy cause.

What I do

I work in two areas:

  1. Securing the electric grid: I work with the Secure The Grid Coalition to hold the government and the electric industry accountable to protect the U.S. electric grid.
  2. Civil defense: I work with communities and governments to build a culture of preparedness – and to ready the nation for catastrophic disasters.

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