NEW: CIP Violation Database

Exposing the NERC CIP Coverup

The CIP violation database will be used to disclose to the public the identities of violators of Critical Infrastructure Protection (CIP) standards. These identities have been covered up by NERC and FERC since 2010 [Read details HERE.]

As a result of my December 2018 FOIA request and January 2019 FOIA Request, I will be getting the names a few at a time from FERC and will update the database as I get them. (Read FERC’s Response Letter HERE.) I will continue to work in FERC rulemaking and Motions to intervene (see HERE, HERE and HERE) to fix this NERC coverup permanently.

NERC CIP Violation Database
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It is important to note that the entire electric utility industry fought this FOIA. This is an extraordinary level of objection to disclosure of regulatory actions that the American people have the right to know about!

I will only be posting the names that are confirmed. For example, you will find that in Docket NP18-7 the violator is Pacific Gas and Electric Company. This was confirmed by a previous FOIA I filed.

CLICK HERE to access the NERC CIP Violation Database!

Unidentified Registered Entities NERC CIP Violation Database
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