Basement Aquaponics System: Year-Round Food Security!

Tour of my basement aquaponics system

A basement aquaponics system can provide your family with year-round food security. This video describes what an aquaponics system is and gives you a tour of the two systems I built in my basement. Because I live in a northern state, having an indoor garden enables me to grow fish and vegetables even in the dead of winter!



Basement aquaponics system


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Skills vs Stuff for Preppers (and other thoughts)

Skills vs Stuff — what is more important? Also, books we got at the library sale and other thoughts I had while weeding my garden.



Skills vs Stuff

A lot of new preppers make the mistake on spending a lot of money on a lot of “airborne-death-machine” tactical gear that may be nice to have, but is not a critical prep. Don’t neglect skills, which are much more important than stuff. In this video I discuss why.


Skills vs Stuff

Books we got at the library sale for less than $20