EDC – Every Day Carry

VIDEO: My EDC – I hump too much stuff (but it’s good for me)

EDC: Every Day Carry. This is not a BOB or Get Home Bag, but the EDC that I carry to and from work and around the area. One glaring omission in the video is I have a small first aid kit that I missed while unpacking it.

Some of the gear mentioned:
Katadyn MyBottle Personal Water Purifier: http://bit.ly/1gmOF2t
Katadyn Exstream Viru-Stat Replacement Kit: http://bit.ly/17CVV8k
Condor H2O Pouch: http://bit.ly/167kdn1
Fieldline® Tactical OPS Day Pack: http://bit.ly/167k3fv
Cabelas multitool: http://bit.ly/14YtBtV

EDC Fieldline Tactical Bag

EDC: Fieldline Tactical OPS Day Pack