Michael Mabee

Practical Prepping Period Interview – Part 1

Randy Powers of Practical Prepping Period recently interviewed me for his show. We talked for a long time so there will be at least two parts. Here is the first. We talk about threats to the electric grid, civil defense and emergency preparedness!

Michael Mabee of the Secure The Grid Coalition and Prepping for a Suburban or Rural Community drops by to talk about his work, The Civil Defense Book: Emergency Preparedness for a Rural or Suburban Community and securing the nation’s electric grid.

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EM Weekly Interviews Michael Mabee on Civil Defense!



Listen to Michael Mabee on Civil Defense

EM Weekly’s Todd DeVoe interviews Michael Mabee on Civil Defense, recent testimony and statements of FEMA Administrator Brock Long and how we can build a culture of preparedness in the U.S.  EM Weekly podcast Episode 51. Click below to listen.


Michael Mabee on Civil Defense


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