Cyber Attack

Blake Sobczak on Energy Grid Security

C-SPAN JULY 16, 2017. 27 minutes.

Blake Sobczak on Energy Grid Security. Blake Sobczak of E and E News talked about U.S. energy grid security and recent cyber hacks to systems, including nuclear power plants.

John McArdle, Host C-SPAN
Blake Sobczak, Reporter E and E News

The Denise Simon Experience Interviews Michael Mabee!

Listen to Michael Mabee on the Denise Simon Experience show on March 13, 2014. We discuss the vulnerability of the electric grid, civil defense and community preparedness. (Two hours)

Click the player below to listen to the discussion on Denise Simon Experience:

Denise Simon Experience

Electric Grid At Risk: Judge Jeanine, Fox News

Electric Grid At Risk: What would we do if the lights went out? Judge Jeanine

Featured in this segment: R. James Woolsey, Andrea Boland, Rep. Andy Harris of the Congressional EMP Caucus, and Alton Edwards. Aired Feb 23, 2014.

Judge Jeanine Pirro - Electric Grid At Risk